How to use the library


How to use the library


South Devon Photo Library is very simple to use. To find an image you are looking for first click on 'Photo Galleries' in the menu. This will bring up all the galleries available to you under headings such as  'Torquay' or 'Lifestyle'. Once in your chosen gallery you can select an image from the thumbnails, play a slideshow of all the images or perform a search using the box at the bottom of the main pop-out menu. You can use single item search terms such as 'boats' or a combination such as 'crabbing, Brixham'. If we have any images in the library which match your keywords they will be presented to you as thumbnails.

Click on any any thumbnail in your chosen gallery or search results to enlarge it. To move forward in the selection click the right side of the enlarged image and the left side to move back to the previous image. To view the whole gallery or return to the search results whilst viewing an enlarged image simply click in the centre of that image and all the thumbnails in the gallery will appear again.

Whilst in 'enlarged view' there are six buttons just above the image. 1. Image Information: Title, File Number, maximum size available and a list of keywords associated with that image. Click on any of these keywords and a new gallery will appear with all other images in the library which shares that keyword.  2. 'Download Image File'.  3. Download a low-resolution watermarked file for layout and design purposes. 4. Add the image to a lightbox for your own record or for emailing to a third party. 5. Show the image in full screen mode (Escape to cancel). A 'Share' button where you can send the image directly by email or post it to a selection of social media destinations.


Use of Images


Unlike many photo-libraries the use of our high quality images, shot only by professionals, carry no restrictions as to their use either privately or commercially once you have completed your order. However, you will not be permitted to resell the images and their copyright will always be owned by South Devon Photo Library. Provided the images are only used in a positive way you will be free to use them online, across social media, in editorials and in print, worldwide and in perpetuity. However, you must read our Terms & Conditions before purchase paying particular attention to the clause on INDEMNITY AND CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES as the usage advice contained there is important. Many of our images contain people, buildings and intellectual property such as company logos. If you are in any doubt before publishing these images yourself you may need to seek the permission of the those people, the owners of buildings not in the public domain or the owners of the intellectual property. Use of our images is at your own risk. Cadle Design Partnership or South Devon Photo Library cannot be held responsible for how you use the images once you have purchased them. 

Treat the image you have downloaded from the South Devon Photo Library as if you had produced it yourself. Your legal responsibility will be the same. 




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